Just wait until you get a load of the three restaurants I have picked out for you this time. You are talking about Mexican cuisine, steak and fried chicken. These places offer more than that, but those are the major highlights and how I have chosen to introduce them to you. Here are 3 restaurants in Hickory, North Carolina that are known for serving up great food.

The fried chicken comes from Mountain Fried Chicken. This establishment is located at 1263 US Highway 70 SW. You can imagine that people leave reviews saying that this place serves up the best chicken in Hickory. It is the spot if you want fried chicken, especially if you want it cooked up by the locals and not by a chain restaurant. One thing about Mountain Fried Chicken, too, is that the place features daily lunch specials. Not only are you going to get the best fried chicken and sides, but you’re going to get it all for cheaper.

Charolais Steakhouse is the place I wanted to tell you about when it comes to ordering up steaks. This restaurant is located at 766 4th Street SW, and it is known for being an old school steakhouse. In other words, the reviews say don’t expect the glitz and glamour. This establishment has been around for a long time, and on top of ordering a delicious steak, you can also enjoy the salad bar and perhaps dessert as well. One person said that a cook known as the ‘Steak Master’ has worked at that restaurant for 30 years.

Dos Amigos is the place for Mexican cuisine that I wanted to tell you about, and it is located at 755 4th Street SW. Get this, the reviews say that on Mondays, the restaurant features $1 tacos and $2 margaritas. Have you ever heard of such a deal? That’s a pretty enticing special for people to come to the restaurant and enjoy a meal if you ask me. Are you up for some tacos and some margaritas? They have a whole lot more on the menu, too.

I mentioned I was going to show you where to get delicious Mexican food, steak and fried chicken. If you have to pick a cuisine and a place first, which is it going to be? You can sign me up for the fried chicken. Of course, I became a vegetarian almost two months ago, so that is my history talking. Enjoy your meals!