Established in 2010, RabbitFest is an international animation film festival and has since become an annual event that brings on the big screen the best of both national and international animation.

From its first edition, the festival has focused on the works of independent authors by exploring both traditional and experimental techniques, in order to have a wide view of the various aspects that belong to the world of animation..



16-19 JUNE



V° - 2014

IV° - 2013

III° - 2012

II° - 2011

I° - 2010

V° EDITION the Fifth edition of the RabbitFest takes another step forward and grows. From the original 3 day format, the festival now lasts 6 days and includes two new sections to the program: RabbitKids and RabbitOff.
RabbitKids is a day entirely dedicated to children, with activities and workshops designed expecially for them during the day, and screening of short animated films during the evening.
RabbitOff is dedicated to the digital avant-garde, including videoclips, motiongraphics and videogame trailers. In addition to this, the Festival starts a partnership with the Golden Kuler International Animation film Festival (Sofia, Bulgaria) focusing on Italian contemporary animation and on Bulgarian and European works. Special screenings of short animated films also take place in other venue sites in the town of Perugia such as Palazzo della Penna, which also hosts the “Drawing Masters” exhibit featuring works by renowned cartoonists such as Toppi, De Angelis and Mastantuono. As a pre-festival event, Skunk organizes a solo-exhibit of Virginia Mori, famous Italian illustrator and animator and winner of many prestigious awards in Italy and in the rest of the world. As closing event of the 2015 edition, Skunk organizes a retrospective of Bill Plympton, famous American animator and acclaimed as one of the most talented, independent and prolific artists in his field. theme > PROSPETTIVE For the fourth edition of RabbitFest, the word “Prospettive” (Perspectives) has been chosen as the main theme of the three evenings.
Perspectives are our different points of view in front of the screen. We love or hate what we see, and the reason is us. The reason is the personal and partial perspective from which we look.
But “prospettive” also means eventualities, that is the infinite possibilities of the future. Who can say where we will be in ten years, or what we will be thinking in ten minutes?
We believe that the important thing is to consider all possible eventualities and see what happens.
This year’s festival will be diverse and full of narrative cues, which, although very different, will be united by a common characteristic: the high quality of the works, presented for the sole purpose of transporting the audience to the magical world of animation, where everything is possible and every perspective can become ours Theme>PERTURBAZIONI (DISTURBANCES) “Perturbazioni” (Disturbances) is the theme chosen for this third edition of RabbitFest, because the loneliness of being lost is over, because the new beginning was followed by a new development: the wonderful experience of getting involved in events that have upset our balance and troubled our souls.
The concept of disturbance refers to the fact that nobody is immune to the changes caused by interacting with others. We are unstable and easily influenced, like sponges that absorb the changes of time. It refers to a disruption of the existing order, an intimate disorder, the emergence of something we thought would remain hidden.
The theme of disturbance involves the most intimate and secret feelings of the human being, who at some point begins to understand his insignificance in relation to the universe. At that point, man feels the need to be heard. He tries to understand – despite the differences – what he himself has produced. He tries not to be afraid of the losses he will suffer in his life. And, finally, he confronts his own fears and insecurities, taking the shape of evocative, dream-like images.
Although the vision of these films can arouse mixed emotions, it will be useful for anyone who is willing to open their eyes and walk through the disturbance in which we are living, perhaps with their clothes wrinkled, but their eyes smiling. Theme > NUOVI INIZI (NEW BEGINNINGS) The theme of the works chosen this year is “Nuovi Inizi” (New Beginnings), in the broadest sense of the phrase, including the human need to destroy and begin again, the awareness we develop as we grow up, or even life after the loss of a loved one. A new beginning is something that was not there before and is now. It is the ability to leave a story behind and start a new one, to recognize our mistakes and make new ones. These extraordinary works of animation try, on the one hand, to set the price of learning the meaning of life and, on the other hand, to bring together and create bounds among different solitudes. New beginnings are all those transformations which encourage us to get involved and which act as the driving force of human experiences. They represent the acknowledgment of our loneliness in the world, a terminal point, reaching a limit and stepping beyond. tema > LOST AND FOUND With these words, we mean to describe the things we lose and those we find (or find again) in the course of our lives, be they states of mind, friendships, or whatever. What we wanted to represent through these extraordinary works of animation is precisely the line that divides what is “lost” from what is “found”, as opposite ends of two countries divided by a sea that must be crossed. The change and inspiration that mark the before and after is exactly what we mean by “lost and found”, extending its meaning to stories about the reaffirmation of identity (Io so chi sono, Il gioco del silenzio), the story of a child who finds the courage to grow up (Il re dell’isola), the sad fate of two mice in love (One Rat Short), or the melancholic journey of a lonely man who regains himself and his life through his lost memories (La maison en petits cubes). The story of a boy and a penguin who seek and find each other has inspired the whole Festival. For this reason, we have chosen to open and close the event with Philip Hunt’s short film, as a recurring element encapsulating the meaning of these days. With the hope that everyone will recognize themselves in the many acceptations of “lost and found”, we wish you will be able to get… lost and found.

Associazione SKUNK


RabbitFest, created by Chiara Giontella and Marta Freddio, is organized by Associazione Culturale Skunk. Since 2010, this cultural association has organized and developed film events, educational projects and social gatherings in Umbria in collaboration with both national and international partners. Skunk also creates and develops design services, and works in video editing and motion graphic.

The Staff: Fabio Torrico, Chiara Giontella, Francesca Chiappalone, Alessandro Scullari, Marta Freddio, Ilenia Adornato, Elena Marinelli

Traslator: Jacqueline Iraci



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